A little something about me

Due to the nature of this blog I have to keep my real identity secret. I really don't want my boss, bank manager or buddies getting to know me that well.

But you need to know where I'm coming from. So here's some basics:

- I am a man
- I am 34
- I live in London
- I am married to a beautiful, loving woman who gives me the freedom to follow my pursuits
- My beautiful and loving wife is the only one who knows everything*
- I work full time in a job I enjoy and which is not in the least bit related to the sex industry
- I like the way I look, from head to toe, and have been assured my body is nice to look at
- I am heterosexual and not in the least bit homophobic
- I think men and women's bodies, of all shapes, creeds and colours, are a design miracle

*If you were looking for a caveat, you're going to be disappointed. She knows everything - no secrets whatsoever